Paris In Vancouver: Le Marche St George

Paris In Vancouver: Le Marche St George - The cutest little French cafe hidden in Riley Park area

Want to know a secret locals spot? There’s the most darling french cafe-slash-bakery-slash-general store nestled in Riley Park. You probably haven’t seen if before because it’s buried in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Le Marche St George is it’s name, and it’s located at the corner of St George Street and 28th Ave in a rustic old green house with peeling paint.

Once you see it for yourself, you’ll fall in love too. You may even feel the same inner conflict of whether you should shout it from a rooftop how adorable this cafe is, or hope no one else discovers it so it can remain your little secret. Continue reading

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What You Need To Know About Oahu Before You Go

What you need to know about Oahu Hawaii before you go

Hawaii is a popular vacation spot for those looking for a safe, clean, holiday destination, and like the ease of staying in North America.

Oahu is particularly popular with its stunning beaches, (often) cheap flights, and bustling state capital, Honolulu.

If you’re planning a trip to Oahu, here’s what you need to know before you go. 

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Reasons To Go To Oahu For Your Babymoon

Reasons to go to Oahu Hawaii for your babymoon

First of all, what’s a babymoon? A babymoon is a newly coined term for a relaxing vacation that parents-to-be take together before the arrival of their baby. 

There’s all sorts of things to consider when planning one and deciding where to go. After much research and mulling it over, these are the reasons we chose Oahu.  Continue reading

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Vancouver’s Hidden Hangouts: Secret Tree House In East Van

Vancouver's Hidden Hangouts - Secret Treehouse in East Van

We don’t get many opportunities in our adult life to hangout in a tree house. A secret tree house at that. City living, for many of us in Vancouver, means a lack of a back yard and definitely no woods to call our own.

That’s alright, though. Some awesome people built a secret tree house in East Vancouver for us all to enjoy. Just don’t all go enjoy it at once, k?

It’s actually pretty easy to find once you know where to look.

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Oahu Beach Guide

Oahu Beach Guide - A Perogy and Panda Hawaii Travel Guide

If you’re coming to Hawaii in pursuit of tropical waters and mind-blowing beaches, then look no further than the island of Oahu, home to the state’s capital (Honolulu).

There are literally countless plots of breathtaking waterfront to explore. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to visit them all. So we’ve created an Oahu beach guide for you, highlighting some of the top spots you may want to add to your itinerary.

Grab yourself a snack (we’ll wait). And settle down somewhere comfy. We’ve got 15 beaches to cover in this guide.

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