A First-Timer’s Guide To Seminyak

A First-Timer's Guide To Seminyak (Perogy and Panda Bali Destination Guide)

Planning your first ever trip to Seminyak and not sure where to begin? Fret not friends; we’ve got you covered with this first-timer’s guide specifically created to help with just that!

Read on for tips on how long to stay, what to eat see and do, and how not to break the bank while you’re doing it all.  Continue reading

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Where To Get The Best Food In Seminyak


I refuse to stop talking about how glorious the food in Seminyak was. I won’t. I shan’t. Don’t even try to make me.

Reminiscing back on some of the meals we consumed is almost enough to bring a tear to my eye. Overdramatic? Nah. The cuisine really was THAT good! Continue reading

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Potato Head Beach Club | Seminyak, Bali

Potato Head Beach Club - Swanky infinity pool day club to sip cocktails and watch the sunset in Seminyak Bali

Potato Head has earned itself the crown title of THE place to watch the sunset in Seminyak. But feel free to splash in the pool whilst sipping on those carefully curated cocktails under the scorching daylight too. 

At Potato Head you can nosh on yummy bites from one of the three restaurants. Throw back a few boozy aperitifs at either of the two bars. Cool off while watching the waves crash before you from the safety of the infinity pool. Work on your tan from a daybed or the 500 square meter lawn. All to the rhythm of the tropical beats the DJ is spinning. Continue reading

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