A First-Timer’s Guide To Ubud

A First-Timer's Guide to Ubud (A Perogy and Panda Bali Destination Guide)

Planning your first ever trip to Ubud and not sure where to begin? Fret not friends; we’ve got you covered with this first-timer’s guide specifically created to help with just that!

Read on for tips on how long to stay, what to eat see and do, and how not to break the bank while you’re doing it all.
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Experience The Rice Terraces In Bali, Minus The Crowds

How to experience the Tegalalang rice terraces near Ubud in Bali without the crowds of people

Raise your hand if these lush rice terraces come to mind when you visualize Bali. I’m just going to go ahead and assume that all of you raised your hands. 

You might be surprised to learn though, that these quintessential bare shots of Tegalalang’s never ending green are not always straightforward to get. Unless you don’t mind clusters of strangers wandering through the frame that is. Continue reading

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