Our One Month Thailand Itinerary

Thailand Itinerary(1)

Where did we go?  How did we get there? How long did we stay? We get asked these questions a lot from our friends. So much so, in fact, that I’ve decided to start sharing our itineraries on this site.

These itineraries aren’t perfect.  They may not be best suited for everyone’s tastes and travel preferences (or budgets). They may will include locations/activities/hotels that we regret seeing/doing/staying at.  But here you have ’em.
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(Mis)Adventures in Laos: Beautiful Sketchy Bungalows

(mis)Adventures in Laos: Beautiful Sketchy Bungalows

As I wrote about recently (here) I’m not exactly what one would refer to as a “backpacker”.  I’m fine to rough it in cheap a cheap hotel, but at the bare minimum, I require my own bedroom and a few other safety features, like windows that open and a door that locks from the inside.  I hardly think that makes me high maintenance.

On our last minute trip to Vang Vieng to go tubing down the Nam Song River, my friend “Pants” and I stayed in the most adorable bamboo hut on stilts overlooking a mossy river bend and lush green mountains.  It was remarkably picturesque.  See for yourself.  Continue reading

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(Mis)Adventures in Laos: Tubing in Vang Vieng

(mis)Adventures in Laos: Tubing in Vang Vieng | Perogy and Panda

Vang Vieng

This is a small town located 3 hours from the Laos capital: Vientiane.  Not too long ago this place was known as the backpacker’s party Mecca of South East Asia.  My understanding is that it’s a far cry from that now after the government shut down tubing on the Nam Song River for a few years (only recently re-opened). And enforced removal of  “happy shakes” and “special pizzas” which were shameless littered across restaurant and bar menus everywhere.  Continue reading

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