Playing With Baby Tigers In Chiang Mai

Playing With Baby Tigers In Chiang Mai

I try to be as open and honest as I can about our travels. Hopefully, you’ve already noticed that for yourselves… You’ll find a number of posts on this site discussing the regrets and misadventures we encounter. The majority of them happen to be from our month in Thailand (and Laos). Does this mean that trip was a failure? Certainly not. In fact, it still remains one of my all-time most favorite voyages. Some of the highlights, like playing with baby tigers in Chiang Mai, more than make up for all the broken down buses and dodgy hotels.

If you think regular kittens are cute (and even if you don’t), let me tell you, tiger cubs are a whole new level of furry cuddly cuteness!  Continue reading

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Thailand Regrets: Riding Elephants In Ko Phangan

Thailand Regrets: Riding Elephants in Ko Phangan

No matter how many hours you spend researching and planning a trip, there’s bound to be an unavoidable regret or two. Riding elephants in Ko Phangan was not one of those. I regret doing it, obviously (as the title of this post clearly indicates). But what’s worse, is it was completely avoidable.  Continue reading

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Unwinding in Khao Lak | Thailand

Unwinding in Khao Lak Thailand.  A sleepy town with beautiful black and gold sand beaches.

Our one-month jaunt through Thailand brought us to Khao Lak on a whim.  The question that had been plaguing “Pants” and I for days before we split off from the guys, was “where would we go once we were on our own?”. 

Sitting by ourselves for the first time in weeks, in our dingy Phuket hotel room, we flipped through our Lonely Planet guidebook and considered our options.  

Khao Lak was the forerunner due to its close proximity to Phuket.  After a hard speed couple of days, we welcomed the idea of a charming beach destination where we could unwind and regenerate. One that wouldn’t require a full day of travel to reach.  Continue reading

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Does Phuket Live Up To The Hype?

Is Phuket Thailand worth the hype? | Perogy and Panda |

 Phuket is one of those places that tends to stir up mixed emotion when brought up.  It’s a top tourist destination and a lot of travelers love it.  But almost an equal amount of people hate it.

Common complaints include “it’s too dirty” “it’s too touristy and crowded” “it’s too expensive” “it doesn’t have an authentic Thai feel”, and I have to say, I agree.  Continue reading

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