Our One Month Thailand Itinerary

Thailand Itinerary(1)

Where did we go?  How did we get there? How long did we stay? We get asked these questions a lot from our friends. So much so, in fact, that I’ve decided to start sharing our itineraries on this site.

These itineraries aren’t perfect.  They may not be best suited for everyone’s tastes and travel preferences (or budgets). They may will include locations/activities/hotels that we regret seeing/doing/staying at.  But here you have ’em.
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One Night in Bangkok

One Night in Bangkok (and the world's your oyster) | Perogy and Panda

Okay, if we’re being technical here – we were in Bangkok for two nights, not one.  Sort of…

Our plane arrived at BKK airport around 1:00 am.  By the time we made it through customs and immigration and got a taxi to take us to our hotel, it was about 3:00 am and we were way too excited to sleep more than a couple hours.  A nap if you will.  So I don’t know if I’m obligated to count that as a full night in Bangkok. 

For the purpose of the title of this post fitting with Murray Head’s famous song, I’m going to say IT DOESN’T COUNT.  Continue reading

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