Unwinding in Khao Lak | Thailand

Unwinding in Khao Lak Thailand.  A sleepy town with beautiful black and gold sand beaches.

Our one-month jaunt through Thailand brought us to Khao Lak on a whim.  The question that had been plaguing “Pants” and I for days before we split off from the guys, was “where would we go once we were on our own?”. 

Sitting by ourselves for the first time in weeks, in our dingy Phuket hotel room, we flipped through our Lonely Planet guidebook and considered our options.  

Khao Lak was the forerunner due to its close proximity to Phuket.  After a hard speed couple of days, we welcomed the idea of a charming beach destination where we could unwind and regenerate. One that wouldn’t require a full day of travel to reach.  Continue reading

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