Our One Month Thailand Itinerary

Thailand Itinerary(1)

Where did we go?  How did we get there? How long did we stay? We get asked these questions a lot from our friends. So much so, in fact, that I’ve decided to start sharing our itineraries on this site.

These itineraries aren’t perfect.  They may not be best suited for everyone’s tastes and travel preferences (or budgets). They may will include locations/activities/hotels that we regret seeing/doing/staying at.  But here you have ’em.
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Traveling By Ferry In Thailand

Traveling by Ferry in Thailand

Other than Phuket and Ko Samui, which have their own airports, expect to travel by boat or ferry in Thailand if you plan on doing any island hopping. And let’s be honest, who goes to Thailand and doesn’t intend on exploring any of the tropical islands or stunning archipelagos?

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Kantiang Bay | Koh Lanta | Thailand

Kantiang Bay Beach Koh Lanta Thailand | Perogy and Panda | perogyandpanda.com

Kantiang Bay is a perfect crescent shape beach with that electric blue ocean water Thailand is so famous for.

The ocean is very calm here so it’s ideal for swimming, just watch out for the few rocks (or boulders rather) lurking in water when the tide is low, they can be quite painful to step on unexpectedly.

There are a few hotels and resorts dotting the shoreline, but not enough that this place would be considered anything other than a secluded beach oasis.  Hardly any restaurants or bars have set up shop here, so it’s recommended you come with the intention of relaxing and enjoying the quiet solitude. Continue reading

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