A First-Timer’s Guide to Los Cabos

A First-Timer's Guide to Los Cabos, Mexico (Cabo San Lucas & San Jose Del Cabo)

Los Cabos is a Beaut

Los Cabos is located at the tip of the Baja California peninsula in North-Western Mexico.  The name “Los Cabos” refers to San Jose Del Cabo (resort area with silvery sand beaches) and Cabo San Lucas (metropolis of high-end shopping, and nightlife). And everything in between.

This is a beloved destination for California folk.  If you too are guilty of watching Laguna Beach and The Hills back in the day, you’ve undoubtedly seen many a vacation take place in Cabo. Continue reading

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Two Weeks at an All Inclusive Resort | Riu Santa Fe

Two Weeks at an All Inclusive Resort | Riu Santa Fe in Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos, although located in Mexico, is not really known for being a budget destination.  Food and drinks can easily add up to well over $100 a day here.  Alarmingly easily, frankly. With this in mind, and our desire to relax to the fullest after pulling off the most epic wedding shindig ever, we booked a two-week long vacation at an all-inclusive resort for our honeymoon.  Riu Santa Fe Resort to be exact.

I know what many of you are thinking.  Two weeks at an all inclusive resort? We must have been bored…  Right?  Continue reading

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Why An All Inclusive Resort May Be Just What Your Vacation Needs

Why an all inclusive resort may be just what your vacation needs | Perogy and Panda

All-inclusive resort vacations get kind of a bad rap in the travel blogging world, but there isn’t any shame in wanting a luxurious and relaxing getaway in a tropical destination without spending a fortune.

There’s so much to love about all-inclusive resorts, in fact, that you may just want to consider booking your next vacation at one.  Continue reading

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Camel Quest in Cabo… What??

Camel Quest in Cabo ...What?? | Perogy and Panda

Did you know you can ride camels in Mexico?  It’s true, you can in Cabo.

We decided to be typical tourists and spend our pesos on a cheesy excursion involving riding camels on the beach in Cabo as the sun sets romantically behind us.  It was our honeymoon after all; this was totally expectable behavior.  Continue reading

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