Charly’s Chocolate Swing By The Sea | Bali

Charly's Chocolate Swing By The Sea | Eastern Bali Near Candidasa

Charly’s Chocolate Factory DOES exist! Except it costs 10 thousand Rupiah to enter (about $1 Canadian dollar), aka no golden ticket necessary.

On the east coast of Bali, 15 minutes from Candidasa, there’s a  strange gnome-style chocolate “factory” on the edge of Jasri beach. This is Charly’s Chocolate Factory. And it’s nothing like you would imagine from the movies.  Continue reading

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Reasons To Love Le Pirate Beach Club

Reasons To Love Le Pirate Beach Club - This amazing hipster boutique eco-hideaway on Gili Trawangan (that little island between Bali and Lombok).

Le Pirate Beach Club is an absolute dream of a boutique hotel on Gili Trawangan (Indonesia’s famous little party island next door to Lombok). When it comes time to check out, the staff may just have to drag you out kicking and screaming. And if that’s the case, you certainly wouldn’t be the first to leave against your will. 

So what makes this darling beachside resort so whimsical? Quite literally everything. But because that isn’t nearly specific enough to convince you to book your accommodation there stat, I’ve created a list.  Continue reading

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Phu Quoc Beach Guide

Phu Quoc Beach Guide - A guide to the best beaches on Phu Quoc Island, and maybe even all of Vietnam

If you’ve come to Vietnam in search of balmy waters and breathtaking beaches, then look no further than Phu Quoc, the country’s largest island.

The island is large in size and teeming with sandy stretches of waterfront. You’ll be hard-pressed to explore them all. Here’s a quick Phu Quoc beach guide for the top five I’d recommend you make the time to check out.  Continue reading

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Where To Get The Best Food In Seminyak

Where To Get The Best Food In Seminyak

I refuse to stop talking about how glorious the food in Seminyak was. I won’t. I shan’t. Don’t even try to make me.

Reminiscing back on some of the meals we consumed is almost enough to bring a tear to my eye. Overdramatic? Nah. The cuisine really was THAT good! Continue reading

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